1 March 2020

Constantly Stolen Pillars

Dear friends, on this day while celebrating the Dharmapalas we would like to bring your attention to a situation we are having here at Khordong Byangter Gompa. Over the years despite having planted thousands of trees and bougainvilleas and relentlessly repairing the boundary fences the Southern side of our land is constantly being encroached. And not only that fence trees are being cut down and fence pillars being destroyed and cut. This has been going on for years and the encroachment zone is getting closer to our forest in which we built open air kiosk to hold the monks’ classes. The only remedy is the building of a wall. Till then we have no other choice than to leave it open or regularly spend at repairing the fence and rebuilding the Pillars. But the lost trees can’t possibly be planted again till we have secured boundaries. Thank you for your attention and concern. 

Best regards.

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