3 September 2017

27th Butterlamp Retreat - Nov/Dec 2017

Today we would like to announce the date of the 27th Butter Lamp Retreat during which we will be offering 111.111 lamps dedicated to World Peace.

As in the past few years it will be held from the 1st day to the 16th day of the 10th Tibetan month, which corresponds to the following dates in the western calendar: from 19th November till 04th December 2017.

We are making an appeal to raise sufficient funds for buying the necessary oil and tsog to make the retreat possible.

Should some of you wish to attend the retreat the fees for this year are as follow Rs. 15000/ for the full session on a room shared basis or Rs.18000/ on a single room occupancy basis. For short time visitor the fee will be Rs.1500 per day (single occupancy) or Rs.1000 per day (share basis). All should announce well in advance so we can book and prepare the rooms of the guesthouse for you.

We hope to see many of you here in India, to share together the blessings of this key event of our gompa.

All communications shall be done via our email address chhimedrigdzinsociety@gmail.com

Sarwa Mangalam,

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1 June 2017

Saga Dawa Lives release Appeal

SAGA DAWA is an auspicious month for all the Buddhist practitioners all over the world.
We believe any negative or positive act during this month multiply in million times and add to our NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE DEEDS.

We, at Khordong Byangter Monastery of late Ven. Prof. C.R.Lama Rinpochi follow the practice of Life Release on the full moon day of the month, every year. This year we will once again on June 9th will observe the practice of Live Fish Release in a near by PHOOL BARIE BARRAGE during 8.30 till 9.30 am. We are targeting to buy maximum number of Live Fishes to be released.

We have been approached , encouraged and requested to allow people to be able to participate in this holy and virtuous ceremony and be able to benefit from the same by allowing people to contribute to the fund to purchase the fishes in large quantity.

Our Appeal to all our friends , relatives, well wishers and Dharma Brothers and Sisters to help us in this meritorious act of saving lives. It will be only on 9th June and despite my wish I am unable to write individually to all, due to lack of time. Please support and share the messages on social media to all your friends and others if you really believe the same.

Those of you who wish to be part of this event. Kindly contact us at chhimedrigdzin@gmail.com and we shall share with you the necessary details.

May all the virtues of this holy act be of benefit to all sentient beings dead or alive.


Tulku Ugen Chencho

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22 May 2017

2017 "Tsethar" or life release

On the forth coming 9th June is the auspicious SAGA DAWA DUCHEN. On this occasion as always we wish to make "Tsethar" life release. We would like to make an appeal for your support.
Sarwa Mangalam!

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21 May 2017

Special Gyab Zhi ritual to ward off obstacles

Our lamas now can perform the extensive ritual of Gyab Zhi specially designed to ward off obstacles to people's life, physical and mental health as well as wealth. The ritual has been performed several time last year with tangible success and improvement for the people who requested for it as well as for the people for whom the ritual was requested for. If anyone faces difficulties and wishes this ritual to be performed for oneself or for loved ones contact the Chhimed Rigdzin Society via email.


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20 May 2017

Farewell of Lopon Gyampo Tshering

Farewell of Lopon Gyampo Tshering after his return from Nyingma monlam. Loponla stayed 4 years with us teaching the young lamas, leading the rituals and looking after the gompa. Loponla will join the Shedra in Martha Sikkim (previously at Takchi ) as a faculty member. We wish him all the best for his new endeavor and thank him with gratitude for all the care he brought to Khordong Byangter Monastery and the lamas. Farewell! 

NB: A new Lopon will join after the Losar celebration.
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