27 March 2016

Holi and in-house life release

Greetings to all,

This week has been rich in events we wish to share with you.
On Thursday 24th March we celebrated Holi, the Indian festival of colors together with Amalha's birthday as we got used to do every year in her presence. Remebering Amalha, Tulku Ugen together with his wife Shashi and the lamas have cut the cake and enjoyed.

On that same day the lamas went to catch the fishes trapped in the Gompa's pond due to lack of rain. This is something we do every year when there is not enough water in the pond to sustain the life of our resident fishes. Once caught, Tulku Ugen together with Lopon Gonpo Tsering and the lamas did the life release pujah and brought the fishes to a nearby river. This is in preparation for the much bigger Tsethar to happen on the next Dakini day (April 2nd) thanks to your participation.

And the next day on Friday 25th March, another full time resident allowed himself to be seen. We seldom manage to catch such a sight of them and even less take pictures, so we also wanted to share those with you. This is taken in the drain of Rinpoche's stupa.

The next post will be with pictures of the annual Life release event. Till then we wish you to be safe and happy wherever you are despite the terrible events we hear about in the news.

Sarwa Mangalam.

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6 March 2016

Life Release pujah and event on April 2nd, 2016

Hello everyone,

Here is a short message to announce our second most important yearly event.
In a month from now on the next Dakini day (April 2nd,2016) Tulku Ugen and the monks of Khordong Byangter Monastery will be performing the Tsethar rituals and free thousands of fishes and eels in the clear waters of the nature reserve near the gompa.

The fishes' lives will be ransomed very early morning from Siliguri wholesale market to save their lives from certain death and free them with auspicious prayers in the following hours.

To witness the joy of the released one is a blessing in itself and such is the joy of taking part in such a great meritorious action.

Some of you have already spontaneously made some offerings for this Tsethar, but obviously the more the better so that more lives can be saved. Please contact us if you wish to be part of this event.

Also we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that after doing all the exterior paintings of the gompa and the stupa and other buildings of gompaland, including the required reparations in preparation of the 25 Butterlamp retreat last year, our expenses ran over the initial budget and we are now Euro 5000/ 367 724 NRI short. Please help us with your generous donations to cover for these very necessary expenses made to protect and embellish Rinpoche's gompa and stupa.

Sarwa Mangalam,

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