3 September 2017

27th Butterlamp Retreat - Nov/Dec 2017

Today we would like to announce the date of the 27th Butter Lamp Retreat during which we will be offering 111.111 lamps dedicated to World Peace.

As in the past few years it will be held from the 1st day to the 16th day of the 10th Tibetan month, which corresponds to the following dates in the western calendar: from 19th November till 04th December 2017.

We are making an appeal to raise sufficient funds for buying the necessary oil and tsog to make the retreat possible.

Should some of you wish to attend the retreat the fees for this year are as follow Rs. 15000/ for the full session on a room shared basis or Rs.18000/ on a single room occupancy basis. For short time visitor the fee will be Rs.1500 per day (single occupancy) or Rs.1000 per day (share basis). All should announce well in advance so we can book and prepare the rooms of the guesthouse for you.

We hope to see many of you here in India, to share together the blessings of this key event of our gompa.

All communications shall be done via our email address chhimedrigdzinsociety@gmail.com

Sarwa Mangalam,

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