25 December 2016

Closing Ceremony of the 26th Butterlamp Retreat

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13 December 2016

Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche Cremation PART I

Happy Full Moon day to all of you. We are happy to share with you these images in an edited version for easier viewing while the 26th Butterlamp retreat led by Tulku Ugen Chencho, together with our Lopon and all the lamas is on going at the gompa. With you,...

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5 December 2016

H.H. Yangthang Rinpoche's Cremation

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8 November 2016

H.H. Yangthang Rinpoche's return to Yuksom

Today under a clear blue sky, thousands of followers and well-wishers have received in Yuksom, West Sikkim, the body of His Holiness Yangthang Rinpoche coming from Pemayangtse. The funeral will take place on 2nd December 2016. A day, which has been declared state holiday by the Sikkim Government to allow people to mourn his demise and attend his funeral.

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1 November 2016

Happy Diwali 2016

Much light to all of you, here are some images of the Diwali festival celebration at Khordong Byangter Monastery - India

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19 September 2016

Overview and summary of Tulku Ugen visit in Europe

Hello everyone....

You will find below a brief and incomplete summary in images of Tulku Ugen's successful visit to Europe.

It was a great pleasure for Tulku Ugen to finally be able to honor those various invitations received in the past few years and to meet with all of you once again.

The journey started in Darnkov for a few days just before the start of the Vajrakilaya Drubchen.
First Tulku Ugen could meet in a private meeting together with Tulku Choekyi Gyaltsen to discuss about the future of the Khordong Byangter lineage.

Then the next days it was followed by a happy family gathering. An occasion for Tulku Migmed, Tulku Ugen, Nise and Norzin to meet together for the first time in Darnkov and celebrate. A time also for Tulku Ugen to meet the people of Darnkov and those visiting from Germany and elsewhere.

From Darnkov came the time to travel to Szczecin to lead a retreat with a rather intense program including the Dorje Drollo initiation as well as the Dharma protectors initiation. It was a nice occasion for Tulku Ugen to spend some time with the people of Szczecin together with John Myrdhin Reynolds. Unfortunately during this time Tulku Ugen's health was not good. No specific sickness but numerous body pains arised. Thanks to the treatment of traditional doctor Shirmenbaatar Shiinen from Mongolia Tulku Ugen's health got better and allowed him to go visit Poznan.

In Poznan the group of dharma practitioners were awaiting Tulku Ugen with an equally challenging program for their retreat. It all went fine and Tulku Ugen even had some time to go around and make some visit to the city.

From Poznan it was time to return to Warsaw over night to catch a flight to Estonia the next morning in order to reach the Khordong Dharma center of Ubumsi on time to celebrate and lead its inauguration after 14 years of long and dedicated work from the team in Estonia. A celebration which had to be postponed numerous times and which could take place this year on the auspicious 10th day of the 8th lunar month, being the 11th September on the western calendar.

This was a great day, establishing the blessing of the Khordong Byangter lineage on Estonian ground.
After much preparations the consecration happened, the Big Rigdzin was performed together with a group of 15 new people showing interest in the teachings and finally Tulku Ugen gave Padmasambhava initiation. 

This establishes a new center from which with all the good wishes and blessings of this memorable day the teachings and the lineage of Terchen Tulku Nuden Dorje Drophan Lingpa shall flourish.

After few days it was already time to fly back to Warsaw, where Tulku Ugen could meet with Julita Oginsky whose health deteriorated gravely recently as most of you know already.

From Warsaw, a few days in Vienna and off again to fly back to India. 

During all this time the life at Khordong Byangter Gompa continued thanks to the care of Shashila and Lopon Gonpo Tsering. Everyone is now eagerly waiting Tulku Ugen's return.

Many many thanks to all of you who could make this visit possible. Thank you to all the organisers and coordinators for all your efforts and dedication. Thank you to all of you who made the time to gather around Tulku Ugen. It is the association of all this goodwill which makes a tradition strive and flourish. 

May your wishes of seeing Tulku Ugen again soon to practice together with him and receive initiations and blessings be fulfilled!!!

Sarwa Mangalam,

NB: If you have more photos of Tulku Ugen's visit this year, please share with us at chhimedrigdzinsociety@gmail.com and we will be delighted to update the slide show with more.

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3 September 2016

Tulku Ugen Chencho's Programme in Europe: Aug. 18th- Sep. 22nd

For Tulku Ugen Chencho's full programme in Europe, please click:

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28 August 2016

A Brief History of Khordong 1

Welcoming Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche at His monatery, May 1990

The name of my monastery is "Khordong Gompa".
 It means "one small house in a mountain's corner". In general, people don't know who made this monastery, but we understand that its founder was Nubchen Sangye Yeshe (one of the twenty-five disciples of Padmasambhava), who was a practicionner of Yamantaka.

Nubchen Sangye Yeshe built on the ground a huge Yamantaka mantra's prayer wheel (not in the air, as in general). Due to the ice, in winter times, we can hear it sounding, "grrr, grrr, grrr".

Where is this monastery located?
Generally, we can say that all Tibet is a place of Avalokiteshvara (i.e. his teaching place). But in particular, Padmasambhava (Tsokye Dorje) came to this place, and blessed it. His blessings are very powerful.
In the country called "Drolma Zalma Gang", there is a valley called "Nyikog" where the Nyetshe River flows. There are many great forests, flowers, many various medicine plants, waterfalls, many different kinds of birds, games (like tigers) and mountain animals like dears, etc.
In the upper part, there are plenty of animals producing milk - yaks, sheep, goats, etc. - and therefore there are lots of butter, cheese and milk.
In the lower part, many people are involved with agriculture work, and therefore the crops are consequent. Thus this is a very valuable place.

Concerning the religious aspect, each village has a monastery, as well as a lonely retreat place. Representatives of Shakya, Gelug, Kagyu and Nyingma are many.

Khordong monastery in Kham, in particular, is a Holy Place ("Ba yer Ga wa Long"). There is a Padmasambhava cave, where many dakinis gather, self existing mantras, etc. If you practice in this place, the diseases and obstacles of this life will be extinguished, you will gain the long life power, you will possibly get rich, and you will gain there enlightenment. It is thus near this very place that, in the eight century, Nubchen Sangye Yeshe made this prayer wheel, and for that reason the place has been called "Khor Lo Dong".
Padmasambhava himself recognized the eight auspicious signs self appearing on the mountains valley.

 The original Tibetan text has been written by Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche, who himself brought it to his monastery of Khordong in Kham (Tibet), in 1990. Marie-Neige Lefevbre brought it back from Tibet in 1997. Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche dictated its summarized translation to Nadia Maati and Nathalie Koralnik during the Butterlamp Retreat held on the monastery land, at Dhansara village, Siliguri, in January 1998). Typed in English by Nathalie Koralnik

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27 August 2016

A Brief History of Khordong 2

Khordong dancing

High Lamas of Khordong

Very high sages lived in the surroundings of Khordong monastery in Kham, and many people where therefore attracted to this place.

Among these sages, the first to settle there, in the twelfth century (the 7th Rabjiung, according to Tibetan system), was the tantric sage Ringa Changwa Amgon. He was contemporaneous with the First Dalai Lama and Rigdzin Logden Dorje (one of the twenty-five persons in Rigdzin Godem's lineage).
Ringa Changwa Amgon practiced Vajrakilaya during his entire life. He penetrated one rock with his phurba, and got many symbols. He fully dedicated his life to Dharma practice and benefited sentient beings. He died at the age of one hundred-and-ten. At that time, there was only one house on that mountain's corner, that is, "Khor Lo Dong".

The 2nd Lama was a woman named Rinchen Tsul Dror, who did dakini practice until the age of thirty-nine. Then she died, and her body was burnt. At that time, the skull bone appeared, bearing the inscription BAM HA RI NI SA. This was the sign that a wisdom dakini had manifested in a human body.

Later on came many lamas, who practiced there and gave many different teachings. They also built seven houses of about 19,136 square yards (16 m2). One would practice, cook and sleep there.

The 3rd lama who came there was the high lama Sangye Dorje.
 He had spent time at Bane monastery, where high lama Shakya Gyaltsen became his root guru. He became a good scholar, as well as a sage. He was able to go directly through mountains and rocks (it was not necessary for him to walk).
He built a big gompa in that place, which was then named "De Chen Sang Ga Khor Lo Dong". Sangye Dorje lived until the age of one hundred-and-seven. Along with him, many people came to that place: male dakas, female dakinis, all sages

The fourth lama to settle there was Je Wang Rinchen Puntsog. He practiced during all his life, and when hail storms were occuring, he just had to point his finger and the hail stones would fall on a small rock mountain instead of falling on the fields. He died at the age of seventy-three.

The fifth lama was called Lha Wang. He once showed his power to soften iron in his hands in softening a horseshoe. He died at the age of seventy-two.
The sixth lama, Sangye Tendzin. During a puja's ritual for a dead person, the picture of this person must be burned. During one of this pujas Sangye Tendzin burned it with his wisdom fire (there was no need for him to use any outer tool to light fire). He died at the age of sixty-seven.

The seventh lama, Lama Karma Lhawang showed a very bright intelligence since his early childhood. During a long life Puja for the village officer, Uchenora (there he was considered just as a "king"), and his family, Lama Karma Lhawang miraculously extended the long life banner. He made a Kriya Tantra (3 Ayus statues): Amitayus (Tsepagme), White Tara, Vijaya Devi. He developed the monastery, and died at the age of eighty-four. Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche himself saw those statues, unluckily broken at that time.

The eight lama was Sonam Sherab. At the time of his birth, light was seen, and his body was covered with small feathers, like a bird. He was a great Mahayana sage, and died at the age of seventy-four.

The nineth lama was the great sage Sangye Dorje's incarnation, Padma Kunsang Yeshe, who got the name Sherab Mebar in Dorje Drag monastery, because he was able to memorize a thick book at once.
Sangye Dorje only practiced Rigdzin Godem's terma (the Byang gTer). He became a monk of the seventh Dalai Lama (Kalzang Gyamtso). He went to gTsang (a branch monastery of Dorje Drag), where he got all Byangter lineage transmission from the head lama, Padma Shenyen, a very great sage.
Then he settled and practiced in the area of Dergye Dzogchen. Because of some obstacles, there was a thunderstorm. He took it away, collecting it all in a piece of cloth. Everything around him was burning, the forest, the mountain was blazing, but for him there was no trouble at all. He was able to teach the entire Northern Treasure by memory. He displayed many miracles, and his life was only a benefit for sentient beings.
He went to Do village (near Dodrubchen Rinpoche's monastery), and the village officer there gave him the monastery nearby. So that monastery, which was a Sakya's system monastery, became a Byangter's system monastery. Sherab Mebar introduced [in Khordong monastery] Tse-Bchö (a Padmasambhava's practice), lama dancing, as well as music and painting.
He died at the age of eighty. His substitute was Kalzang Gyamtso, a monk from Gyarong village.

The tenth guru was the great treasure finder, Padma Nudan Dorje Drophan Lingpa. He discovered many hidden treasures, and practiced Byangter. Through his very great compassion and the power of his blessing, people from different villages, as well as animals and even insects got enlightment by the mere fact of seeing him. He died at the age of seventy-three.

The eleventh lama was the great sage Sangdzin Gonpo Wangyal ("Sangdzin" means "great sage"). According to popular idea, his father was Abo Dorten. But naturally, Mahakala is his father. Gonpo Dong Ri is a Mahakala mountain - he was Mahakala's baby.
Many lamas said that he is very great, that he wrote many things, but actually he did not write. Among his gurus were Nudan Dorje, Ugyen Punzog from Bane monastery and Kunzan Niendrag (Sherab Mebar's incarnation) from Chugchong Monastery. He himself was very great, he gave many initiations, and died at the age of seventy-three.

The twelfth guru was Nudan Dorje's son, Padma Donsal. He was the incarnation of Chusang Namkha Yongya, a lama of Dorje Drag's monastery. He was a very great monk. He died at the age of ninety-three.

The thirteenth lama was Nudan Dorje's incarnation, Dorje Gyaltsen, i.e. Kalden Lingpa. He self studied, practiced, and gave teachings. He died at the age of thirty-seven. Many lamas say he was a great terton. But indeed, he didn't take out many things, only one Sengdongma text and two other volumes.

The fourteenth guru was Tulku Tsurlo (the incarnation of Vasumbindo, one of Buddha's disciples), he was in charge of Chug Chong monastery.
His younger brother, Gyurme Dorje, was in charge of Khordong monastery.
 Their father was Gonpo Wangyal and their mother, Nudan Dorje's daughter, Zhiwam Tso.
Tulku Tsurlo was himself also a great scholar and a great sage.
 He used to stay in Khordong monastery, where he did Yamantaka practice. He had recognized Nudan Dorje's incarnation, Chhimed Rigdzin, who stayed in Khordong monastery until he reached the age of nineteen. Tulku Tsurlo died at the age of seventy-three.

The 15th lama was Tulku Tsurlo's younger brother, Gyurme Dorje.
Once he got a beating from a great sage who was named as Vajradhara, Gyaje Tubthub, and he understood all Dharmadhatu and natural idea. He went from Eastern Tibet to Central Tibet, then to Tashiding, in Sikkim. He came back to Tibet and died after having completed all necessary deeds, at the age of seventy-eight.

Then, due to his own karma and reasons, Chhimed Rigdzin went to Nepal and India, following the advice of his guru Tulku Tsurlo. He travelled also to Ladak, Bhutan, Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Japan, Corea, China, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Poland, Austria, Australia, United States, Island, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, etc.

In Tibet, he visited the various places of gTsang, Wee, Tshang Tang, Dergye, Dza Ko, Nyi Ko, Serta, Do Kog, Amdo, Dzeka, Gyarong, Trango, Lyiko, Namchan, Sokpo Kompo Pema Ko, Yarlong Sertö, Serma, Nemzog, Gorcheng, Jagtal, Guenta, Tseurma, Chechen, Raktom, rNyi Zog, rMewa, etc. He visited the very high holy places of Zang Zang Lharta, Samye, Samye Chimpu, Tak Yerwa, Tashiding in Sikkim, Gye Chen, Manka Sengye Yarzo, Sergye Gompo Yorö, Thorchang Tugche Tsempo, Tsö Nae, Dong Sag, Pogöj, Pani, Palhar Gang , Gyengang , Zahor Puni, Tsari, Khani (Kailash), Tso Pema, Sarnath and in Nepal Swayambhu, Namo Buddha, Asura Cave, Parping, Mara Zhikra, etc.

Since this monastery has started, about five hundred years have passed. And during that time, many many sages have dwelled in the monastery, whose names and lifes have not been mentioned in the above lines, like for example Tendzin Dorje, whose left thumb was half trimmed down by moving his mala's beeds while reciting mantras. He had the power of healing mad people by the mere fact of looking at them...

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31 July 2016

September 2016 - Poznan detailed programm

For Tulku Ugen Chencho's full programme in Europe, please click:

Please find below the details of the retreat which will be led by Tulku Ugen in Poznan:

Programme of Poznan
From 05.09  till 08.09 at TASHI CHO LING GOMPA, 
Miastkowska 83. Contact  VLAD PLUZYNSKI :0048-537897289. email: vpp@o2.pl.

Restoring the tradition of Late Chhimed Rigdzin Terma practices with Lineage Holder Tulku UGEN RINPOCHI.

05.09.16. Monday At 8 pm
Guru Rinpochi Empowerment and practice.

06.09.16 Tuesday at 8 pm. 

07.09.16 Wednesday at 8 pm.
Protectors Empowerment with Roar of Thunder.

08.09.16 Thursday all day
For private visits and sight seeing.

09.09.16  fly to Estonia from Warsaw.
Everybody who wants to support Tulku Urgyen’s visit to Estonia – your donations are welcome!
Bank details: Bank name: Swedbank
Bank Address: Liivalaia 8, 15040, Tallinn, Estonia; IBAN EE722200221016639493,
receiver: Khordongi Ühing Eestis MTÜ (Khordong Association in Estonia).

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24 July 2016

Confirmation of Tulku Ugen Euro Tour

Dear Sangha,

My trip to Europe has been delayed this year due to some changes in the shenghen visa application process.
Finally an appointment could be arranged on 4th August at Polish Consulate for Biometric registration and interview. It has been extremely difficult to make an online application and register but at last Ania Siwecka succeeded in doing so.

I hope my visa would be ready around 12th August.
All the four organisers have discussed the programme and arrangement of my tour. Here are the outlines:

I shall be in Darnkow around 18.8 and attend thee Phurba Drubchen from 20. To 28.08. 
After that on 29.08 I shall go to Szeczin and stay there till 02.09 and then go to Poznan till 07.09. 
After Poznan I shall fly to Estonia and shall be back in Warsaw on the 14.09. 
From Warsaw I shall drive to Lublin and stay there till 19.09. 
From Lublin I shall drive to Prague on 20.09 and fly to Vienna on the same day.
From Vienna I shall fly back to India on 22.09 to reach Kolkata. 
I shall attend the Annual General Meeting of The Maha Bodhi Society on the 24.09 and leave for siliguri on the 25.09.

Below, this is a the tentative proposed schedule for the retreat in Szczecin:

Closed retreat
30.08 - beginning of retreat, Dorje Drolo Sadhana with tsog at 5pm 
31.08 - Dorje Drolo teaching from 11am to 1pm, Dorje Drolo empowerment at 5pm
1.09 - Simhamukha teaching from 11am to 1pm, Simhamukha empowerment at 5pm
2.09 - Guardian teaching from 11am to 1pm, Dragon’s Roar empowerment at 5pm
Open retreat
3.09 - Big Rigzin practice at 10am, lunchbreak from 1pm to 3:30 pm, preparation and self-empowerment at 3:30pm, KuSum Zhitro or Padmasambhava empowerment at 5pm
4.09 - Big Rigzin practice at 10am, lunchbreak from 1pm to 3:30 pm, preparation and self-empowerment at 3:30pm, Dorje Sempa empowerment at 5pm

The detailed programs of the other retreats are yet to be finalised and published.

I rejoice at the idea of seeing you all and look forward to this time.

Tulku Ugen Chencho

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Brikcha Ropan - Trees planting

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19 June 2016

Tomorrow 15th day of the 4th tibetan Month is CR Lama birth anniversary.

Wherever you are on June 20th, 2016, join us to celebrate with prayers H.H Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche's birthday. Here at gompa we will offer butter lamps and practice the big rigdzin thinking with love to all the people who have developped a connection with Rinpoche.

Rejoice and praise!

With you with love,

Sarwa Mangalam,

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26 May 2016

3D Cinema Outing

Hello everyone,

Because being a student at Gompa is not just all about doing pujah and learning Tibetan and learning the Dharma our young monks are also offered some time for entertainment. Lately it was an outing to the newest Cinema in Siliguri to watch a film in 3D and enjoy Pop Corns.

Greetings to all,

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23 May 2016

Saga Dawa Duchen and Vaisakh Purnima

                                           Happy Saga Dawa Duchen and Vaisakh Purnima.

Khordong Byangter Gompa wishes all Happiness, Peace and Prosperity year long and invites all to participate in offering prayers and butter lamps on this Very Auspicious Day. For our annual Life release event, we will release live fishes back into the river.

May all sentient beings be Happy.

Tulku Ugen.

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3 April 2016

Disheartening Blow

This is a short note to inform you all that between the happy times of Holi and the auspicious day of our Life release event the gompa got hit by a disheartening blow.

An extremely strong wind blew all night on March 28th, accompanied with ligthning, thunder and hailstorm.

As a result as you can see on the photo album, trees got broken into half, fruits fell on the floor, Kitchens' roof went missing and above all one of the 2 Deers standing on both side of the Dharma wheel on the roof of the Gompa got pulled out of its basis and sent to the floor.

Luckily there has been no human nor animal casualties at Khordong Byangter Monastery, but in the morning it really was a disheartening sight.

Lamas and staff spent all day collecting debris and clearing around. On the next day Tulku Ugen brought the Deer for repair. It will take time before all falls back in place.

Photo Album Disheartening Blow

Sarwa Mangalam,

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Tsethar on Dakini Day - April 2nd 2016

Hello everyone,

Photo album Tsethar 2016

Here is Tulku Ugen's write-up about our wonderful annual life release event 'Tsethar':

"Yesterday, on the auspicious Dakini day we have released approx 250 kilos of life fishes like koi, taki, Singi and guchia/bam (eel). There was no way to count them while releasing but to my estimate, all together we have released between 75 to 80 000 fishes.

It was even very auspicious as we started our puja, a number of butterflies took their maiden flight from the aquatic plants. I hope someone could have captured them in their smartphones so we could have shared that beautiful sight with you. The polish couple, Mr. Marek and Anne were extremely happy to see and participate in the event.

The event was completed with breakfast near the barrage and soft drinks. We received kind cooperation from the supervisor of the dam and his staff. 

OM AA HUNG BENDZA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG. May all the fishes enjoy freedom , happiness, long life . May all of them have fortune of free water to swim, live freely without any fishermen; without polluted water and enjoy their pristine life.

We would like to thank all the sponsors for the event. May the merit of dedicating the act of life release be enjoyed by all whose health , happiness and longevity were wished and prayed for. I wish and pray that all of us can dedicate more virtuous act in this life and make our lives meaningful. 

Thank you again for all our Zindags for their kindness and I hope we may be able to do so again in near future. Sarva Mangalam."

Tulku Ugen

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27 March 2016

Holi and in-house life release

Greetings to all,

This week has been rich in events we wish to share with you.
On Thursday 24th March we celebrated Holi, the Indian festival of colors together with Amalha's birthday as we got used to do every year in her presence. Remebering Amalha, Tulku Ugen together with his wife Shashi and the lamas have cut the cake and enjoyed.

On that same day the lamas went to catch the fishes trapped in the Gompa's pond due to lack of rain. This is something we do every year when there is not enough water in the pond to sustain the life of our resident fishes. Once caught, Tulku Ugen together with Lopon Gonpo Tsering and the lamas did the life release pujah and brought the fishes to a nearby river. This is in preparation for the much bigger Tsethar to happen on the next Dakini day (April 2nd) thanks to your participation.

And the next day on Friday 25th March, another full time resident allowed himself to be seen. We seldom manage to catch such a sight of them and even less take pictures, so we also wanted to share those with you. This is taken in the drain of Rinpoche's stupa.

The next post will be with pictures of the annual Life release event. Till then we wish you to be safe and happy wherever you are despite the terrible events we hear about in the news.

Sarwa Mangalam.

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6 March 2016

Life Release pujah and event on April 2nd, 2016

Hello everyone,

Here is a short message to announce our second most important yearly event.
In a month from now on the next Dakini day (April 2nd,2016) Tulku Ugen and the monks of Khordong Byangter Monastery will be performing the Tsethar rituals and free thousands of fishes and eels in the clear waters of the nature reserve near the gompa.

The fishes' lives will be ransomed very early morning from Siliguri wholesale market to save their lives from certain death and free them with auspicious prayers in the following hours.

To witness the joy of the released one is a blessing in itself and such is the joy of taking part in such a great meritorious action.

Some of you have already spontaneously made some offerings for this Tsethar, but obviously the more the better so that more lives can be saved. Please contact us if you wish to be part of this event.

Also we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that after doing all the exterior paintings of the gompa and the stupa and other buildings of gompaland, including the required reparations in preparation of the 25 Butterlamp retreat last year, our expenses ran over the initial budget and we are now Euro 5000/ 367 724 NRI short. Please help us with your generous donations to cover for these very necessary expenses made to protect and embellish Rinpoche's gompa and stupa.

Sarwa Mangalam,

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9 February 2016

Tashi Delek and Happy Losar 2016

<<May the Triple Gem Bless us all through out this Fire Monkey year. May Peace, Harmony and Happiness prevail over all beings. We wish you all the Love and best of Health and a very prosperous New Year. Stay blessed all year round.>>
Tulku Ugen Chencho.

After much preparations and cleaning of the Gompa and the habitation we were ready to celebrate the Losar starting early morning with the small rigdzin and tsog offering and followed by a good lunch and some good time of songs and dances and lamps offering.

Tashi Delek and Happy Losar to everyone and everywhere,

Sarwa Mangalam,

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