3 April 2016

Tsethar on Dakini Day - April 2nd 2016

Hello everyone,

Photo album Tsethar 2016

Here is Tulku Ugen's write-up about our wonderful annual life release event 'Tsethar':

"Yesterday, on the auspicious Dakini day we have released approx 250 kilos of life fishes like koi, taki, Singi and guchia/bam (eel). There was no way to count them while releasing but to my estimate, all together we have released between 75 to 80 000 fishes.

It was even very auspicious as we started our puja, a number of butterflies took their maiden flight from the aquatic plants. I hope someone could have captured them in their smartphones so we could have shared that beautiful sight with you. The polish couple, Mr. Marek and Anne were extremely happy to see and participate in the event.

The event was completed with breakfast near the barrage and soft drinks. We received kind cooperation from the supervisor of the dam and his staff. 

OM AA HUNG BENDZA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG. May all the fishes enjoy freedom , happiness, long life . May all of them have fortune of free water to swim, live freely without any fishermen; without polluted water and enjoy their pristine life.

We would like to thank all the sponsors for the event. May the merit of dedicating the act of life release be enjoyed by all whose health , happiness and longevity were wished and prayed for. I wish and pray that all of us can dedicate more virtuous act in this life and make our lives meaningful. 

Thank you again for all our Zindags for their kindness and I hope we may be able to do so again in near future. Sarva Mangalam."

Tulku Ugen

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