29 February 2020

Rinpoche’s birthday 2019

Today was a day of celebration at gompa. Celebrating Rinpoche’s birthday, on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Tibetan calendar.. Everyone related to Rinpoche and to gompa got involved to make it a memorable moment. 🙏🌈

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Rinpoche’s Paranirvana Celebration 2019

On the 4th day of the 5th month we celebrated Rinpoche’s paranirvana with Khadag offering at the Chorten, lamp offering and the practice of the big rigdzin. We also paid hommage to H.H Dalai Lama for his 84th birthday. This day’s celebrations always bring back fond memories and strong blessings.

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Saga Dawa 2019

Happy Saga Dawa celebration wherever you are. Here are a few images of our release of 6 quintals (660kg) of live fishes at the Mahananda Barrage. Thank you for your support. May you all be blessed with by the power of the dedicated merits!

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Gompa fruit harvest!

While the jack fruits need some more time, the lichis were ready to be harvested on this Dakini day. 

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Gompa crops and flowers full on growing and blooming....

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100th Birth Centenary of Venerable Sanghoraj Prjnajyotu Mahastovir

Few days ago Tulku Ugen, Shashi and some of our lamas attended a public event to which they had been invited. Our lama Urgyen chanted the small rigzin in front of a large crowd and numerous dignitaries on the occasion of 100th Birth Centenary of Venerable Sanghoraj Prjnajyotu Mahastovir today at Moulali Youth Centre, Kolkata. 

13th April 2019.

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Losar 2019

                                               Losar Tashi Deleg from Gompa🙏

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28th Butterlamp Retreat - Nov/Dec 2018

On the 17th November 2018, the 28th Butterlamp Retreat begun with all your involvement and prayers.
We were happy that we were able to begin without any obstacles. May we all share the joy, happiness and dedicate the Merit to all the Sentient beings.

16th November 2018, on this auspicious day we did Rabnye of the 125 prayer flags.

In the afternoon of the 23rd November during Butter Lamp Puja, special prayers were made to Kathok Geshe Rinpoche departed soul.


Sarwa Mangalam!

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23 February 2020

A Moment with Chhimed Rigzin Rinpoche in Redfield

On this auspicious day of Lhabab Duchen we are glad to invite you to spend a moment in presence of Rinpoche. A 6mn edit of a much longer archive video.

Enjoy the moment...

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