25 October 2015

Replastering and painting of Rinpoche's Stupa and Gompa before the start of the 25th Butterlamp retreat.

Greetings, Since our last publication we have received some funds for the 25th butterlamp retreat as well as some funds to start replastering Rinpoche's Stupa. The work has already started on the Stupa. The scrapping part of the work is about to be completed on the Stupa and in the next 4 days plastering shall start. We also have the wish and plan to put the same checkered tiles around the Stupa's Kora as what we did last year around the gompa.

Meanwhile there is still much to be done on the Gompa.As you can see on the pictures below the roof barely has remaining paint and the cement starts to appear at some parts
The gompa is in dear need of attention. Some parts will need replastering, some wooden windows will need to be entirely redone and the walls as well as the roof need to be entirely repainted. It is a massive work which needs to be done this year as in these conditions the gompa cannot manage to go through another raining season, especially the northen side walls as they barely have the time to dry during monsoon.


At the moment the lamas also are fully engaged in helping cleaning and preparing the other roofs for paint as well, together with their rooms which also need a clean fresh white paint. See here pictures of the farm house's roof.


Kindly contact us to donate any amount to help in these major maintenance expenses. We are aiming at having everything completed for the start of the 25th Butterlamp retreat on December 16th, 2015. So far we could only collect half of the necessary funds to carry out this necessary action successfully. Please contact the Chhimed Rigdzin Society if you wish to support.

Sarwa Mangalam,

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14 October 2015

Support from Ranidanga SSB Camp

Greetings, We are happy to share this great news with all of you. As desired by the Director General of the Sashastra Seema Bal ( SSB) in New Delhi, every Frontier Headquarter is requested to adopt a location of religious or touristique importance under the "Swacch Bharat Abhiyan" program to engage in regular cleanliness campaign. In Siliguri, the Inspector General of the Frontier Headquarter has selected the Khordong Byangter Monastery. As a result a team of the SSB Camp personnel in Ranidanga will come every Thursday afternoon to engage in cleanliness and maintenance actions and it already started last week.
We are very grateful to the SSB authority for sending their team to cooperate with our monks in keeping the monastery and its surrounding land in the best conditions possible. It also marks a further integration of the monastery into the local network. We rejoice for the care and interest shown. Wonderful!!!

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