30 September 2015

25th Butterlamp Retreat - Dec 16th to 31st

Hello everyone,

This post is to announce the celebration of the 25th Butterlamp retreat held in India.
Some of you keep very found memories of the very first Butterlamp retreat Rinpoche held in Sarnath with a small group of a few disciples and surrounded by his family in the premises of the Mahabodhi society.

Since then for the next 24 years and without any discontinuity the 111,111 butterlamps offering for World peace happened every winter in India. First at the Mahabodhi Society in Sarnath then at the gompa once the land was bought.

Many of you had organised their time in the year to make sure they could reach India for this retreat with Rinpoche. Like migrating birds flying off to a far away country, it became a way of life for some of you sharing their lives between India and Europe, trying to stay close to Rinpoche as much as time and circumstances allowed.

In this way every year the sangha was meeting in India to practice together and offer these symbolic lights to the world in presence of Rinpoche. It always was a memorable time for whoever participated, a feeling of adventure and of being part of an extra-ordinary activity.

After Rinpoche passed away, the sangha kept on meeting regularly in India in the occasion of the Butterlamp retreat then slowly less and less disciples made the journey. Nevertheless every year a few of you still make the time to attend.

Thanks to Tulku Ugen and his wife Shashi's dedication together with your continuous support we always found enough funds to buy the necessary Palm Oil, the offerings for the tsog and the food to feed the few participants and the now 15 resident monks.

So it is with a feeling of great joy and accomplishment that we wish to celebrate together with all of you this 25th Butterlamp retreat at Khordong Byangter Gompa from Dec 16th till 1st Half of 31st December 2015.

Please set the dates in your calendars and if you can please come to join us and rejoice.

Of course donations are welcome to make sure once again we cover the cost of this retreat. If you wish to participate in the retreat or make donations please contact us at chhimedrigdzinsociety@gmail.com

Before the retreat starts Tulku Ugen very much wish that we replaster Rinpoche's Stupa and paint it fresh so that he can shine throughout the retreat and the next years to come. At the moment the plaster and the paint have suffered several monsoon. If you wish to participate please contact us.

Sarwa Mangalam,

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