31 July 2016

September 2016 - Poznan detailed programm

For Tulku Ugen Chencho's full programme in Europe, please click:

Please find below the details of the retreat which will be led by Tulku Ugen in Poznan:

Programme of Poznan
From 05.09  till 08.09 at TASHI CHO LING GOMPA, 
Miastkowska 83. Contact  VLAD PLUZYNSKI :0048-537897289. email: vpp@o2.pl.

Restoring the tradition of Late Chhimed Rigdzin Terma practices with Lineage Holder Tulku UGEN RINPOCHI.

05.09.16. Monday At 8 pm
Guru Rinpochi Empowerment and practice.

06.09.16 Tuesday at 8 pm. 

07.09.16 Wednesday at 8 pm.
Protectors Empowerment with Roar of Thunder.

08.09.16 Thursday all day
For private visits and sight seeing.

09.09.16  fly to Estonia from Warsaw.
Everybody who wants to support Tulku Urgyen’s visit to Estonia – your donations are welcome!
Bank details: Bank name: Swedbank
Bank Address: Liivalaia 8, 15040, Tallinn, Estonia; IBAN EE722200221016639493,
receiver: Khordongi Ühing Eestis MTÜ (Khordong Association in Estonia).

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24 July 2016

Confirmation of Tulku Ugen Euro Tour

Dear Sangha,

My trip to Europe has been delayed this year due to some changes in the shenghen visa application process.
Finally an appointment could be arranged on 4th August at Polish Consulate for Biometric registration and interview. It has been extremely difficult to make an online application and register but at last Ania Siwecka succeeded in doing so.

I hope my visa would be ready around 12th August.
All the four organisers have discussed the programme and arrangement of my tour. Here are the outlines:

I shall be in Darnkow around 18.8 and attend thee Phurba Drubchen from 20. To 28.08. 
After that on 29.08 I shall go to Szeczin and stay there till 02.09 and then go to Poznan till 07.09. 
After Poznan I shall fly to Estonia and shall be back in Warsaw on the 14.09. 
From Warsaw I shall drive to Lublin and stay there till 19.09. 
From Lublin I shall drive to Prague on 20.09 and fly to Vienna on the same day.
From Vienna I shall fly back to India on 22.09 to reach Kolkata. 
I shall attend the Annual General Meeting of The Maha Bodhi Society on the 24.09 and leave for siliguri on the 25.09.

Below, this is a the tentative proposed schedule for the retreat in Szczecin:

Closed retreat
30.08 - beginning of retreat, Dorje Drolo Sadhana with tsog at 5pm 
31.08 - Dorje Drolo teaching from 11am to 1pm, Dorje Drolo empowerment at 5pm
1.09 - Simhamukha teaching from 11am to 1pm, Simhamukha empowerment at 5pm
2.09 - Guardian teaching from 11am to 1pm, Dragon’s Roar empowerment at 5pm
Open retreat
3.09 - Big Rigzin practice at 10am, lunchbreak from 1pm to 3:30 pm, preparation and self-empowerment at 3:30pm, KuSum Zhitro or Padmasambhava empowerment at 5pm
4.09 - Big Rigzin practice at 10am, lunchbreak from 1pm to 3:30 pm, preparation and self-empowerment at 3:30pm, Dorje Sempa empowerment at 5pm

The detailed programs of the other retreats are yet to be finalised and published.

I rejoice at the idea of seeing you all and look forward to this time.

Tulku Ugen Chencho

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Brikcha Ropan - Trees planting

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