29 November 2015

The Gompa is getting ready to celebrate the 25th Butterlamp Retreat

Hello everyone,

November has been a very busy month here. All efforts are being made to have the Gompa and the Stupa as well as all the other buildings ready and fresh to celebrate the 25th Butterlamp retreat as a new beginning.

The lamas have actively participated in the process and the next 2 weeks will be dedicated to fine tuning and polishing of the last part of the work while preparing all the necessary items for the puja.

More than words we thought pictures would talk better of the extent of the work. So we have compiled several pictures so you can have a good idea of the work in progress.

The Stupa is yet to be painted but the Gompa interior and exterior is close to be completed. Same can be said of the Lamas house, the Retreat house and the Butterlamp house. Not shown here on the pictures the Farm house as well as the Pilgrims house have also been entirely painted out. Both ready to receive those of you who plan to take part in this retreat which shall be remembered as a stepping stone.

Please confirm your participation in the week to come so we know how many rooms to reserve. We are not opening the Pilgrims house to the Cancer patient during the retreat to make sure enough rooms will be available for you. Nevertheless if you do not confirm your room before December 15th, we will then start to release rooms as there is some famillies waiting.

The retreat starts in 2 weeks from now and we can't wait showing you live the beauty of our Gompaland.

We are still short of 450,000/ NRI equivalent of Euro 6,400/ to cover all the expenses of painting anew all the buildings of Khordong Byangter Monastery. We have taken a loan to complete the work on time. So please if you can measure the importance of this event and feel touched by the beauty of the work done so far, kindly help us with your donation. Any amount helps, please contact us directly for the bank details needed.

Sarwa Mangalam

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