Thangtong Gyalpo's Aspiration Prayer for the Liberation of Fish

Conqueror Gone to Bliss, Defeater of Enemies, Utterly Pure and Perfect Buddha Bearing the Precious Ushnisha; to you I prostrate, make offerings, and go for refuge.

If one recites this to dying animals or to other sentient beings who are on the verge of death, they will not be reborn in the lower realms. As there is such great benefit, I humbly entreat you to recite this with confident faith in the authenticity of the Buddha’s word.

Infallible Three Jewels and Supreme Yidam,
Lord of Compassion, protector Avalokiteshvara,
Think of me, weak and pitiful, with loving compassion
And bear witness to the accomplishment of this vast prayer.
Long ago during the time of Buddha Chubeb
He recited the name of the bliss-gone one and liberated fish;
Likewise may I, with the rain of Dharma,
Relieve animals that are powerlessly suffering.

Some have no protector and no place to dwell,
Stricken with fear of being helplessly devoured by another,
These animals, tormented by agonizing misery,
May I relieve them with the rain of Dharma.

When they divest themselves of their present bodies
May they avoid the lower realms
And attain the supreme happiness of gods and humans,
That they may thus listen to the holy Dharma,
Put it into practice,
And strive to achieve unexcelled Enlightenment.

I humbly ask all to recite this blessed prayer, as it is the very one the Great Siddha Thangtong Gyalpo composed while he performed the liberation of innumerable fish.

Translated by the Dzogchen Foundation.

Taken from Chatral Rinpoche’s Compassionate Action. Edited, introduced and annotated by Zach Larson. Snow Lion Publication2 (2007)

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