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2016 Tulku Ugen Chencho's Schedule

Annual General Meeting of The Maha Bodhi Society: Sep. 24th 

Tulku Ugen European Tour:Aug. 18th- Sep. 22nd

Darnkow, Drophanling: August 18th-28th
 -Phurba Drubchen from 20. To 28.08.  http://www.khordong.pl/

Szczecin:August 30th to September 4th
-Closed retreat
30.08 - beginning of retreat, Dorje Drolo Sadhana with tsog at 5pm
31.08 - Dorje Drolo teaching from 11am to 1pm, Dorje Drolo empowerment at 5pm
1.09 - Simhamukha teaching from 11am to 1pm, Simhamukha empowerment at 5pm
2.09 - Guardian teaching from 11am to 1pm, Dragon’s Roar empowerment at 5pm
-Open retreat
3.09 - Big Rigzin practice at 10am, lunchbreak from 1pm to 3:30 pm, preparation and self-empowerment at 3:30pm, KuSum Zhitro or Padmasambhava empowerment at 5pm
4.09 - Big Rigzin practice at 10am, lunchbreak from 1pm to 3:30 pm, preparation and self-empowerment at 3:30pm, Dorje Sempa empowerment at 5pm

Poznan: September 5th to 8th
Restoring the tradition of Late Chhimed Rigdzin Terma practices with Lineage Holder Tulku UGEN RINPOCHE
Miastkowska 83. Contact  VLAD PLUZYNSKI :0048-537897289. email: vpp@o2.pl

05.09.16. Monday At 8 pm
Guru Rinpoche Empowerment and practice.
06.09.16 Tuesday at 8 pm. 
07.09.16 Wednesday at 8 pm.
Protectors Empowerment with Roar of Thunder.
08.09.16 Thursday all day
For private visits and sight seeing.

09.09.16  fly to Estonia from Warsaw.
After Poznan Tulku Ugen Chencho shall fly to Estonia and shall be back in Warsaw on the 14.09.

Umbusi Buddhist Centre, September 9th to 14th

Tulku Urgyen Chemchok, son and the lineage holder of the late Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche (1922-2002) who visited Estonia in 2000, will come to Estonia to perform the consecration ritual of Umbusi Buddhist Centre’s land and temple and confer the initiations of Guru Rinpoche and Dorje Drolö.

Preliminary schedule:
10.09 - Preparations of the land and temple consecration ritual (rab gnas).
Sunday, 11th September
10.00 am – Land and temple consecration (rab gnas)
14.00 pm- Big Rigdzin practice (accomplishment method of Guru Rinpoche according to Nüden Dorje’s terma) with Guru Rinpoche initiation and big tsok.
Monday, 12th September
9.30 am Big Dorje Drolö practice
14.00  initiation of Dorje Drolö (according to Nüden Dorje’s terma).
Tuesday, 13th September
10.00 am Big Rigdzin practice.

Practical information:
Venue: Umbusi Buddhist Centre (Umbusi küla, Põltsamaa vald, Jõgevamaa, Estonia). 140 km from Tallinn, 220 km from Riga airport.
Cost: Consecration ceremony – donation; Guru Rinpoche initiation – 10 euros; Dorje Drolö initiation: 10 euros.
Accomodation: Limited number of places available at Umbusi centre, options available in nearby town (Põltsamaa, 12 km from Umbusi, starting from 18 euros/night).
Food: available at the center, with reasonable price (around 2-5 euros a meal).
Further information: www.umbusikeskus.wordpress.com; https://www.facebook.com/KhordongUmbusi/
Jako Jaagu: +372 52 30969, jakojaagu@gmail.com,
Kadri Raudsepp: kadri.raudsepp1@gmail.com; tel +372 53543782
Contact: Jako Jaagu: jakojaagu@gmail.com; tel: +372 5230969

Lublin: September 15th to 19th

-Thursday 15th, 9.am to 5 pm.: Initiation and practice of Green Tara
-Friday 16th, 9.am to 5 pm.: Sengdongma (+ check Lublin's facebook page)
-Saturday 17th: 10 am. Private interviews and Dharma teachings
2 pm. Dorje Drollo practice and initiation
-Sunday: farewell to Rinpoche

From Lublin Tulku Ugen Chencho shall drive to Prague on 20.09 and fly to Vienna on the same day.
From Vienna he shall fly back to India on 22.09 to reach Kolkata.

April 2nd: Special Tsethar Practice

Saving life with a pure motivation

If you wish to participate in this compassionate action and make a donation, please contact us at chhimedrigdzinsociety@gmail.com

Should you wish to invite Tulku Ugen Chencho to give teachings and initiations (wangs), please send a request at chhimedrigdzinsociety@gmail.com

2016 Retreats at Khordong Byangter Monastery 

Just breathe...

Special Events

-Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche's anniversary: Khordong Byangter Monastery has always observed the day on the 4th Day of the 5th Tibetan month

-His Holiness Dalaï Lama's birthday is on July 6th.

-Losar: February 9th, 2016. Tibetan year 2143, Fire Monkey

-Vesak: May 21st, 2016

-Holi: March 23rd-24th, Our Gompa will "Play the colors" of the cultural Holi festival in honor of Lord Krishna celebrated all over India

-Specific visits with the monastics
-Exchanges with Shantiniketan
-Hosting our dear friends from the neighbour leprosery

Regular Practices at Khordong Byangter Monastery 

Morning Practices:1.Riwo Sancho 2. Small Rigzin 3.Serkyem.
Evening Practices: 1.Solkha from Big Rigdzin text 2. Sampa Lhundrub 3. Drolma 4. Barched Lamsel

-10th day (Guru Rinpoche's day):  Vidhyadara Guru Sadhana aka Big Rigdzin

-15th day (Full Moon day): Vidhyadara Guru Sadhana aka Big Rigdzin

-25th day (Dakini day): Vidhyadara Guru Sadhana aka Big Rigdzin

Duchen Celebrations

Celebrating Vesak in the gompa
The important anniversaries of Buddha Shakyamuni, including His birth (in Lumbini), Enlightenment (Buddhagaya), His First Turning the Dharma Wheel (Varanasi) and His Mahaparinirvana (Kushinagar).  

The effects of positive and negative actions on these days are multiplied by 10 million times.

-Saga Dawa: 6th June- 4th July, 2016
The period starting from the first day until the15th day of the fourth lunar month commemorates when Buddha Shakyamuni performed a different miracle each day to instill devotion and increase merit among heretics.

-Chotrul Duchen: 22nd February, 2016
Big tsog,  Big Rigzin, Marme Monlam, Sampa Lhundrub', etc. Auspicious prayers
Tsethar Practice (releasing lives): 'tshe thar bye pai chog trashi che dud'

" In this world nothing is dearer to someone than his or her own life. So no greater crime is there than taking life and no conditioned virtue bring greater merit than the act of saving beings and ransoming their lives" Chadral Rinpoche

Tsethar Practice: releasing lives

 -Duekhor Duchen:
Buddha Shakyamuni gave teaching on Kalachakra

-Tampei Duchen
Anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni's birth

- Sangye & Nyangde Duchen
Anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni's Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana

- Choekhor Duchen: August 6th, 2016
Anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni's First Turning of Dharma Wheel

-Lhumsu Zhugpei Duchen:
Anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni's entering the womb of Queen Mayadevi by taking the form of a six-tusk White Elephant descending from Tushita and entering the womb immaculately

 -Lhabab Duchen: 22nd November, 2016
Anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni's descent from heaven after spending three months teaching his mother Queen Mayadevi and the beings in the god realms.

Big Rigdzin practice and then texts that have been given to the monastery at the last Nyingma monlam will be open and part of them will be read continuously for the next four days. This texts comprise the Nyigma Gyubum, the Kangyur and the Tengyur

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