Education and Sponsoring: the Shedra

  The construction of the buildings and the monks' daily expenses are funded entirely by your voluntary contributions. In these days when Tibetan monasteries - especially those in exile - can no longer depend on support from local families, there is the great challenge of finding sufficient means to feed and clothe the monastic community and sustain the institutions.

Our supporters will be key to the successful future of the Khordong Byangter Monastery, ensuring the continuity of education and training of these young Buddhist monks for the benefit of the Dharma and society.
We therefore invite all our friends to join us and support Khordong Byangter Monastery for generations to come.

Help Build a Shedra

Today, about 15 monks live, study and practice at Khordong Byangter Monastery together with their 2 lopöns (teachers).
The ongoing project is to build a Shedra (a Buddhist university) with 50 monks for a start.

Two outdoor classrooms have already been inaugurated through your generosity so that the monks can have good study conditions.

The next step for the Khordong Byangter Shedra to manifest is to provide for a residential Khenpo who is trained in our Khordong Byangter tradition. We need a special long-term sponsoring fund for that.
The term Khenpo (Tib. མཁན་པོ་ mkhen po) is a spiritual degree given in Tibetan Buddhism. In the Nyingma tradition, the title is awarded usually after a period of 13 years of intensive study after secondary school level studies.

If you would like to sponsor the Gompa's Khenpo, please contact us

The monks' basic needs, medical care and pocket money are met by the Monastery. For the present, they are supported through the kindness of sponsors. Monies received goes into a common fund from which their requirements such as food, clothing, medicines and educational materials are provided for. Monks are expected to live as simply as possible.

A confirmation of your donation will be made by email and news about the life of the monks will be published regularly on the blog.
It is requested not to send any personal presents to the monks but only collective ones so as to make them all happy!

A contribution of around Rs 28,000/ per year (€360/) covers the basic living expenses for a whole year of one of the monks currently studying at Khordong Byangter Monastery. You can sponsor a monk for a year but also for a month (€30/) or for any given number of days on the basis of 1 day = €1/.

Should you wish to sponsor a monk, please contact us by email using the contact form on the right box. We will give you all the details.
Write your name, first name, address, phone number, email and specify "Lama sponsorship" in the object.

Ten monks are still in need of a sponsor. 

Donations to The Chhimed Rigdzin Society, India

Khordong Byangter Monastery is managed by The Chhimed Rigdzin Society- an NGO registered in India as a charitable organization designated for the support of the Khordong Byangter Monastery and its activities.

Donations can be made directly to The Chhimed Rigdzin Society.
Please contact us and we will give you all the details.

Tulku Ugen Chencho and the monks at KBM thank our supporters in a most heartfelt manner. Your kindness helps the Monastery to flourish and keep the Dharma alive.

Get Involved!

 Organize a fund-raising event at your place

Khordong Byangter Monastery appreciates every effort by supporters to organise fund-raising events.
 Associations and people in various European countries already organise such events every year. Feel free to extend the effort to your surrounding.

There are many creative ways to support the gompa.
 Here are just a few examples: you can organize a jumble sale in your town, a private dinner with friends with a donation to the gompa, request your colleagues and friends to make a donation in the benefit of monastic Education at Khordong Byangter gompa as a retirement gift, etc...

Artists are also welcome to organize fund-raising events for the benefit of Khordong Byangter Gompa.

Volunteers welcome!

We receive spontaneous support from a local dentist and doctors as well as from foreign teachers or other skilled individuals.
It is also possible for over-18 students to volunteer at the gompa as a study project.

At present we are looking for the following:
-English teachers
-Health professionals

 If you are able to help, please contact us and send an application form stating: your name, gender, nationality, postal address, email address, date of application, time available and field of activity or skills.

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